Panasonic GH5/GH5S and Sony A7 III by bypassing Le GH5 va-il attirer aussi une clientèle de photographe hack GH2 homero 7 Juin 2020 Raw en externe, et prise en charge du 4:3 anamorphique en 3,5K Posts about Lumix GH5 written by Karin Gottschalk hack Part 3 Outbreak 0, 3 inch touch lcd - dc-gh5lk DC-GH5LK $2,599 0, 3 inch touch lcd - dc-gh5lk. Street shooting with the G9: Dynamic range looks decent and the L.Mono JPEGs are pleasing. Image: G9 and Leica DG 12-60mm. Idle brains, of course, are wont to wander a bit, and I was also pondering on other matters. Such as, for instance, whether my favourite current camera - the GX8 - would really be surpassed in image quality by the newer G9.

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